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Known for creating Vancouver’s most sought-after waterfront neighbourhoods, Aspac Developments Ltd. is now transforming Richmond’s waterfront along the Fraser River. Aspac’s development philosophy to building homes is to find exactly the right location and add five-star amenities along with green open spaces and water features. It then blends in striking architectural design with master craftsmanship - all to create a world-class community.


Raymond Li, Aspac’s Director and Senior Vice-President, says Aspac’s residential projects are known for exceeding their clients’ expectations. “Our clientele are discerning and successful. They come from around the world to experience our trademark quality workmanship and attention to detail,” he says. “We are always compelled to create a vision of excellence for our homeowners.” Aspac Development’s projects standout amongst the world’s most liveable and desirable properties for their elegance and sophistication.

Luxury Living

Aspac set the benchmark for luxury waterfront living first in downtown Vancouver. The completion of eight luxury towers at Waterfront Place and Harbour Green Place was, however, just the beginning. Turning to its sights on the nearby City of Richmond, Aspac has created the River Green master-planned community which is another one of Aspac’s statements of distinction and taste.

River Green

1 River Green has long since been sold out and the resale value of the homes is tremendous in today’s market. Aspac is now poised to release priority access to buyers interested in the next phase – the landmark towers at 2 River Green. As a developer, Aspac has gone beyond building homes of exceptional distinction; it creates communities that inspire harmonious human interaction.


The company’s credo of ‘building homes with heart‘ is reflected in its high quality residences, first-class service to customers, and Aspac’s business practice of contributing to the betterment of the wider community. Even if you are not an Aspac homebuyer, everyone can take pleasure in the master-planned neighbourhoods that integrate parks and playgrounds, public art displays, and miles of pedestrian pathways thanks to the generosity of Aspac Developments. The benefits to society are not limited to these wonderful contributions but can also be seen in Aspac’s annual charitable donations supporting the fundraising efforts of the Richmond Hospital Foundation, for example.


Aspac Developments knows how to do business and buyers can have confidence in it as a residential developer. Aspac has deep roots in real estate development as it was founded by the Kwok family who are the majority shareholders of the well-known Hong Kong-based Sun Hung Kai Property Properties Ltd. (SHKP). SHKP developed and built, amongst other projects, Hong Kong’s two tallest buildings – the International Commerce Centre (home to the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong) and the International Finance Centre. In Shanghai, the eminent luxury residential development called The Shanghai Arch is another one of their world projects.


Aspac prides itself on delivering the same level of quality, outstanding service, and community involvement as does its founders. Excellence is to be found in all aspects of Aspac’s River Green development with the project’s homes more spacious, exclusive, and luxurious than anything seen in the city to date.


River Green on the Fraser River is the company’s latest crown jewel. The site has become a focal point for the popular city amenities to grow up around it. 
A public pier due to open in 2018 is a much-anticipated addition to the community thanks again to the generous spirit of Aspac Developments.

in the Making

The company’s vision and commitment to excellence, community, and building iconic legacies is unsurpassed. Who better to create a ‘legacy in the making’ along the shores of the Fraser River in Richmond? Aspac has an acclaimed history of which it is extremely proud and this promises much for the future of River Green. Who better to create “a legacy in the making” along the shores of the Fraser River in Richmond?

River Green

New Towers at 2 River Green are coming Soon. Register now for priority access.

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